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Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya complexes is an independent academic body consisting of sahodayas in Kerala under the patronage and guidance of Central Board of Secondary Education.
It is envisaged to enhance mutual respect, co-operation and assistance among CBSE Schools in Kerala. Confederation undertakes all the activities beneficial to the member Sahodayas and student community at large. There are regional bodies under the confederation to co-ordinate the activities among the sahodayas in different regions.
There are 15 Sahodayas in Kerala and each of these sahodayas are doing wonderful jobs in organizing activities for the member schools. Unfortunately they are all doing it in an isolated manner. It is in this context only the thought about forming a confederation emerged and the official inauguration of it was held on 14th January 2006 at Kottayam. Since the inception the confederation has conducted different activities like all Kerala Award Meet for CBSE Toppers, work shop for principals, Training Programme for principals in collaboration with Indian Institute of Management Calicut, All Kerala Common Model Examination for class X and XII, Conducting Scholastic Achievement Test, printing of the Directory including the details of member sahodayas and schools etc....
Updated on: 15 Jun 2013
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